It is very important for you to clearly understand basic license terms and conditions – the licensing rights that go with each and every product you have a license to.

Here’s a quick overview:

Giveaway Rights:

You are free to pass on the ebook or software at no cost to anyone. You can or cannot sell it for a price.

Resell or Resale Rights – RR :

Generally, you are free to sell these products at suggested resale price, plus these are usually royalty free with digital resell rights, so you keep all the money yourself.

The biggest difference between resell rights and master resell rights is that with just resell rights you cannot sell the rights to others – you can only sell the product.

Master Resell Rights – MRR :

You can even pass on or sell the resell rights to others, meaning that when you sell
that product to someone, they can turn around and sell it to someone else.

Also make sure you understand the difference between NON TRANSFERABLE Master Resell rights and TRANSFERABLE Master Resell Rights.

Non Transferable means exactly what the name implies – you cannot give/sell those rights to anyone – only you have those rights so they are more exclusive/high end and usually more expensive.

Transferable means you can pass on/sell those rights to others.

Private Label Resell Rights – PLR :

Here’s where you can get really original! You usually get the source files to a product,
so you can create a new product from it and call it your own meaning modify or rebrand as your own and sell it with your own licensing rights.

Private label rights are usually the most expensive form of rights to buy, but you get the most potential in these rights.

Non Transferable Private Label Rights – PLR :

Generally, these have the same rules as the private label rights listed above except
you cannot sell the private label rights, only the product itself or use the content to
create new products.

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